Volunteer Info

Thank you for volunteering to help refugees!

On these pages you will find some information that will serve as a brief guide and to assist you in your work as a volunteer. As a volunteer there are different ways to get involved in helping refugees. These are discussed and presented here. But of course there are several other ideas to help – just free your mind! Do you have more options and ideas about how you can get involved, then I am pleased very much and will give you support!

While working as a volunteer questions will come up from time to time. Some will be answered safely on the pages listed here. For others, you can contact me – feel free. It is also important for volunteers to exchange views and information. In many communities there are already refugee initiatives. I can give you contacts to them, if you like.

The work you do is very important. Most of the people, who you support, have walked a long and hard way. They have made traumatic experiences. Now they come here in the Steinburg district (often alone) and have to find their way in a strange world – from their perspective. For these people it is very important to socialize, to have contact for all kinds of everyday issues and get the feeling that they are welcome here.

Thank you for living the welcoming culture and help our new fellow citizens to find their way in our society!

Michelle Denker
Refugees and Integration Commissioner of the Steinburg district
Itzehoe, 26.08.2015

Further translation is going to come soon!